Is Sports Betting Legal In Utah?

Utah as a state tends to get a bad rap, and if you live in Utah, no doubt you've heard your fair share of tasteless jokes about its populace. However, like a lot of stereotypes, this one does not prove to have much more than a small grain of truth. Utah is home to some great cities with thriving cultures, and with that usually comes some great sports teams with rowdy fans. It's no doubt then that many Utah residents want to know their options for betting on their favorite sports events.

The only thing you really need to know concerning the legality of sports betting in Utah is that it is not punishable by law to simply place bets and wagers. The only parties who can be prosecuted by any state or federal laws when it comes to sports betting are those who would facilitate it to make a profit. This means that any business owners who endorse gambling, bookies, oddsmakers and the like can be punished, but no law has ever been written or interpreted to punish honest citizens who simply wish to place a bet on their favorite sport event.

Land-Based Sports Betting in Utah:

If you're following along, you've likely noticed a problem here. Namely that the legality of participating in sports betting does you no good if it's illegal for anyone to host your bets and keep track of payouts. That does indeed throw a wrench in the spokes and proves to be a fatal flaw for land based sports betting in Utah. The truth is the only means land based sports betting for Utah residents are underground, illegally run sportsbook. While it's true that you cannot be punished by law for merely participating in sports betting, it's not a good idea to trust these illegitimate operations with your money. Their illegal nature could force them to dissolve at any time, putting any money you invest with them at great risk.

Legal Online Sports Betting in Utah:

Luckily, there is a solution to this problem. Online sportsbooks can provide a great, safe outlet for allowing you to bet on sports. Since most of these online betting sites are based overseas, they do not fall under the jurisdiction that cripples land based sports betting in the United States. In addition to being legal, these are also legitimate businesses that have been in operation for over a decade in many instances. As legitimate businesses, they have built up a solid reputation and customer base. Investing your money with these sites is as safe as trusting your money with giant online retailers like Amazon.

Bovada Sportsbook - Provides Utah Sports Bettors A World Class Option

Bovada SportsbookOne great sportsbook Utah residents should be sure to check out is the Bovada book. Through years of outstanding service, Bovada is synonymous with legitimacy in online betting. Many major news outlets no longer cite land based sportsbooks in Las Vegas for odds in upcoming games, but cite Bovada instead. However, despite their pristine reputation, the folks at Bovada don't want you to forget that betting with Bovada is also a lot of fun. Bovada offers as complete and varied a set of odds as you're likely to find anywhere on the internet, and now they are even all accessible via your smart phone device. Bovada knows that most Americans carry their most powerful computers around in their pockets, so they've decided to cater to that market. Now Bovada accounts holders can place a bet from anywhere in the world where they have a phone signal as easily as if they were right there in person. These are just a few examples of the lengths Bovada will go to to ensure that their customers are happy with the service being provided to them.

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What's The Bottom Line? Will I Get In Trouble For Betting On Sports?

Now that you know that there are a vast array of options open to Utah residents who wish to safely and legally bet on sports, nothing should be stopping you. Whether you want to bet on the Jazz to make the NBA playoffs or you think that BYU will dominate in their bowl game, you'll be sure to find all the action you want and more via some great online sportsbooks.