Utah Sports Betting Sites

Sports betting is becoming a bigger and bigger industry every year. As such more and more Utah residents are also getting interested in betting on their favorite sports. There are a lot of questions and concerns that come to many people’s minds when they think about betting on sports though. They worry about the legality of sports betting, and beyond that they worry about how safe it is to put their money online on sites that they can’t control in any way. Below these and many more concerns will be eased, and a few sites to check out for starters will be recommended to help new Utah bettors start out.

Is Sports Betting in Utah Legal and Safe?

The biggest concern that most residents of Utah have is whether or not they will be in any kind of legal trouble for betting online. It is a common misconception that because Utah state laws do not allow sportsbooks to be established, that sports betting itself is completely illegal. What most people don’t know is that the actual act of betting on sports isn’t outlawed at all. In fact even if they place a bet with a bookie operating in Utah and that bookie is charged with illegal gambling, they will not be held responsible or charged in any manner.

The thing is every law against any kind of sports betting in the U.S. only targets the bookmaker. What’s more the laws only prohibit land based sports betting operations in Utah. There are currently no laws that outlaw online sports betting. This means as long as you find a trusted site, like one of the ones that will be reviewed below, then sports betting is not only legal, but safe.

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Bovada Sportsbook - A Better Option Then I-15 To Las Vegas!

Bovada SportsbookWhile sports betting may be legal, it isn’t always safe to go online and trust money to a company that many times won’t be widely known due to the still growing sports betting industry. Utah residents will often have a hard time finding a site that they can build enough trust in to sign up with. Luckily Bovada is a site that has not only earned the trust of thousands of Utah residents, but has also managed to do it remarkably well, offering a sportsbook that is almost unrivaled in the online world. Bovada manages to offer not only every sport imaginable, but also brings several extra features that the land based operations in Nevada are just starting to experiment with. One such feature is live betting, which allows bettors the ability to make bets throughout the game on various different big events that occur throughout the game, like first downs in Football.

SportsBetting Sportsbook - Las Vegas Style Gambling From Your Phone!

SportsBetting SportsbookWhen Utah residents decide to take the leap and join an online betting site, they aren’t just choosing to bet on sports. They are choosing to trust that site to not only handle their money, but to offer a betting experience that they can’t find anywhere else. While the process of finding the right site can sometimes be rocky and take several sites before a bettor finds the right site for them, if Utah residents check out SportsBetting first it might just make that process a bit easier. SportsBetting is available to residents of not only Utah, but of all 50 states in the U.S. In addition to that they also offer bigger bonuses than any other site. Most sites will have a match bonus, but it will only match $200 or maybe $300 dollars. SportsBetting though will match up to $500 dollars of the first deposit made, just for signing up.

Legal Utah Sports Betting Sites New Player Bonuses + Promos Bet Now
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Utah Sports Betting FAQ

How Old Do You Have to Be to Bet Online In Utah?

The sites listed above and any other reputable site you will ever find will require you to be above the age of 18 in order to use their sportsbook. In fact, because 18 is the minimum age required to bet on sports in just about every state, betting on these sites below that age actually is illegal. Not only is it illegal but because of the tight leash that sports betting is on in the U.S. these sites crack down hard on under age betting. Anyone found in violation of this policy will find that not only will the account they use be deleted, but that all winning and funds on that account will not be returned and will be forfeit.

What Sports Can I bet On?

While Utah may not have the most teams out of any state in the U.S. residents still won’t find themselves out in the cold when the Jazz are playing during basketball season. Football fans don’t despair though, online sportsbooks not only have football and basketball but every major sports league in the U.S. In addition to the big names most sportsbooks will also include a few smaller sports here and there like darts, cricket, snooker, and many more, to ensure that year round bettors have something they can not only look forward to watching, but also look forward to betting on. This makes sports betting in Utah a better option than Las Vegas books

Does Utah Have Land-Based Sportsbooks?

Utah itself may not allow sportsbooks, but many residents will realize that Nevada and by extension Las Vegas are only about 7 hours away, even for residents on the east side of Utah. For most people this will be a weekend trip to Vegas, something they can enjoy for the betting while their families can have some R&R in the famous Vegas. While in many cases trips like these are nice, it isn’t necessarily practical to take a trip to Vegas every game day. Sure every once in a while you get a trip to Vegas and the chance to bet on your team, but what about every other game? That’s where the perks of betting online start to be seen. While trips to Vegas are expensive and take days, going on your computer to place a bet online is practically free and takes a few minutes in the comfort of your own home.